Saturday, May 29, 2010

Poppy, I have a confession to make...

Miss Poppy,

There comes a time in a gals life when she has to be brutally honest. You cannot grow as a person if you keep secrets, right? Well, this is my confession.... and be prepared, it is a dooooozy! I hope you can still respect me after my revelation. It changes everything. ( Okay, perhaps I have just added a little flourish for effect here, but whateva')

Poppy... I... who follows the night... fell asleep last night, fingers on the key board. That's right... I fell asleep, mid typing. How can I claim to follow the night when I could not keep my eyes open last night? To make matters worse, I was typing some seriously riveting words when this insanity occurred, which just adds to the ridiculousness of the situation. I am slightly mortified by this. I now live in fear that my "Night Followers Association" membership card is going to be revoked and I am going to suddenly have a need to be in bed before midnight. *Gasp* Quelle horreur!!!!

So tonight, I will not succumb to the call of the pillow... ( or as was the case last night, the call of the back of the couch.) I will stay awake. I will see my glorious night and revel in it.

Join me?

Drinking an energy drink and sending you mucho love,
Night Flower