Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Confessions & Narcolepsy

Morning Flower,

That’s brilliant. I knew you were prone to taking nano naps in front of the computer but an entire night’s sleep? I have to know, did you have your mouth wide open?

I’ve been racking my brain for an amusing story to tell you but alas all of my family members have decided to act normal for a little while. Does a bird flying into the back of my sister’s boyfriend’s head count? Poor thing, it was probably swooping in for a carrot and got a nasty surprise.

So for lack of a good tale, I’ll join in on your shameful confessions. Keep in mind that my background music as I type this is The Backstreet Boys-the good years, before Kevin left. I have developed an embarrassing crush on... Zac Efron. That’s bad isn’t it? Dreaming about Taylor Lautner regularly (in a strictly platonic, unperverted way), eagerly awaiting the release of Eclipse, am partially in love with Bill and Eric from True Blood, and now Zac Efron.

I have only one question left; do teeny boppers go to Heaven?