Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Dreamcatcher

Dearest Night Flower,

Last year, I bought a dreamcatcher from a carnival stall. The second I hung it up over my bedroom door, I had nightmares. My entire house had nightmares. I don’t know how I managed to buy a dreamcatcher with bad mojo but I did. Do you know how many times I’ve been trapped on a sinking boat with a hungry great white shark circling? Or been caught in the middle of a war zone? Or trying to get vaccine when a pandemic starts wiping out the world?

I thought it couldn’t get any worse, and then, a member of my family slammed my door on it...and snapped a feather off. My sister and I were struck dumb with horror – and we both made the huge mistake of touching it. I promised the dreamcatcher that I would reattach its feather, but I knew it wasn’t happy. That night, I had FOUR nightmares. I kid you not, four. I was waking up all night in a panic.

Now I am faced with the bigger issue – what do I do with it? I know if I take it down, it’ll just make it angry. If I chance it and throw it away, will that just be spreading the evil? Plus I have a horrible feeling it’ll find its way back.

So I have yet another life lesson for you: Do NOT buy cheap dreamcatchers from carnivals, no matter how pretty they may seem. All they do is literally catch your dreams and let the nightmares waltz on through.