Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mr Potato Head


I really should give up blogging! When I read back on my posts they just make me cringe, but I have a funny story for you-or I think so anyway-and couldn’t help myself.

Earlier today, I was standing in the kitchen talking with Emily*, Hannah*, Sandy*, and Greta* when Emily told us all that she went to visit her friend’s relative in the hospital. The relative is very sick and isn’t going to live much longer. I commented how sad that was and asked whether she had met the relative before he got sick and Emily responded:

“Not before he got sick. He’s been a potato for a while now.”

I managed to squash my hysterical laughter until Sandy said: “Don’t you mean vegetable?” And then I lost it.

So as I told those gathered in the kitchen, I pass along to you Night Flower. If I am ever in an accident and become a potato you can switch the machine off. I think I have bigger problems to worry about then breathing on my own.


Please Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity/dignity of those involved. Technically it’s a sad topic but what she said almost killed me, I had to pass it along.