Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Manilow Magic

Midnight Candy,

I dreamt about Glee last night, how random is that? I don’t think I made it past try outs.

So, my mum went to the club the other night and got two free tickets to see this show called Manilow Magic. When she came home she said she had tickets to a magic show and offered them to us, but my sister’s boyfriend (the red haired, pale one) loves those magic shows so we said to give them to him. She did and he was so excited. Then we looked up the show and turns out it wasn’t a magician, it was a Barry Manilow tribute. I thought we should send him to the show anyway and watch the look on his face when Barry starts belting out some tunes. Unfortunately, he got so excited that my sister had to tell him. Very disappointing. This blog could have been so much funnier if she didn’t have a conscience.

I had a little bit of luck with my writing last night, I edited another chapter. So I’m almost finished the first run through.