Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's All About the Eyeliner

Darling Poppy,

If your ipod is starting to sound like it's chanting about dead people and your dream catcher is bringing your nightmares, I think we need to have a daily Hugh intervention. Until all this demon madness is over. I have to be honest and tell you that this-- "All my years of horror stories has taught me – sunlight good, dark houses bad." --made me laugh like this..... giggle, giggle more, laugh, snort, giggle. You hate scary things so for the love of all things awesome, please stop watching scary movies. Pronto! From this point on you are restricted to sappy love movies and documentaries about cute animals. (OMG but not March of the Penguin, unless you want to fall in love with the baby penguins only to find out that horrible things happen to them, AND THEY SHOW IT!! I sobbed.)

So without further adieu, your daily dose of Hugh therapy. Can anything be bad when there is a little Hugh in your life? I ask you...

I leave you with a new little game I am going to call "Guess who". Can you guess who this celebrity is? I will give you a hint. After he was this adorable, eyeliner wearing, lead singer of an 80's band he went on to be a very funny comedian.

Can you guess who??

Ah yea, the eyeliner is rad, beyond.

Crazy luv,
Night Flower