Monday, October 25, 2010

It always starts with a dream....

Darling Poppy,

I have left you hanging, and for this, I am terribly sorry. You see, I have been wallowing. Snape has yet to return to my dreams and the visitors who have been visiting my dream chambers, have left me... wanting. Quelle Horreur.

Until last night. As you may be aware, I was doing the Sunday night ritual of denial before going to bed. You know, when i stay up as late as I can on Sunday nights, thus delaying the arrival of Monday. What you didn't know, is I was, well, for lack of a better word, 'creeping' on one Alex O'Loughlin. For those who do not know who this scrumptious Australian is, I have included a photo. You might remember that I had a very real, very big crush on Alex when he was a vampire. A moment of silence as I recall Alex with fangs. * Sigh of longing*

Which brings me back to last night and THE DREAM. Alex was really a vampire, and we were in another time period. You know the kind I love. Beautiful gowns, restrictive clothing and chivalry abound. He was a Knight, and a vampire and M I N E. Let me ask you, would you have wanted to wake up to go to work this morning if a few of your favorite things were colliding in a most wonderful way in your dreams? Neither did I.

I woke, feeling very sad to have left Alex behind in my dreams. Then I realized, tonight I have to break the news to Snape. I have a new guy courtesy of Mr. Sandman. Wish me luck.

Love ya,
M F xo ( I still giggle with I use initials. You just LOVE it
so. )