Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Just Like Magic!

Night Flower,

The other day I discovered this oversized contraption plugged into one of the electrical wall sockets in my home. When I asked a certain member of my family what it was, he got a smug look on his face and refused to tell me. It wasn’t until other family members came home, that he finally revealed the big secret.

He had purchased an Electricity-Saving Device, also known as an oversized plug with an LED light, from a telemarketer. To make matters worse, Nameless had paid $159.00 for it. Two seconds research on the internet and I find out that you can buy these magical devices for the bank-breaking amount of $8.00 from ebay.

So yes, we got conned. Which brings me to my consumer warning: Don’t leave gullible people alone with a telephone, a credit card, and a high electricity bill.

Finally, Night Flower, If a place called One Stop Marketing LLC or One Stop Marketing Solutions calls you, tell them “Screw you and go to Hell” from me.



P.S To save his injured pride Nameless is still making me and the rest of my family leave the plug in so it can store “up to 15,000 volts of electricity” and save us “up to 40% on our bill”. For shame.